The MAIN DIFFERENCE between Don Faast and other speakers:

Don doesn’t just inspire you and then walk away and “hope” you change…

He gets you to actually change…with MEASURABLE, DEMONSTRABLE PROOF that your mother will tell all her neighbors about for the next 3 years!

Also, he lives it every day for you to see.
Don’s FIREBALL messages:

  • How to live an extraordinary life!
  • How to change instantly and turn that into a lifestyle
  • How to set your life up so it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to miss what you desire.
  • How to USE WALLOWING AND EXCUSES to bring yourself to a “Point of No Return” DECISION to change.
  • How to have all the time in the world to do what you want—no matter how busy you are!
  • Proof that TIME…as Einstein said…is purely an ILLUSION.
  • How attending sports proves you are not as sick as you sometimes feel you are.
  • How to want the RAW SCREAMING TRUTH about anything in your life…and HOW TO MAKE SURE you get it.
  • How to discover your DESTINY.
  • How to hear your inner voice and how to trap what comes to you so you go DO it.
  • How to have CHILDLIKE BELIEF (or faith) so you can receive everything this Universe has for you BEFORE you leave the planet.
  • Deep, workable powerful understanding of the word COMMITMENT.   (Wow!!  This one takes a 3 day seminar to fully deliver!!!)
  • How to be MOTIVATED  automatically—-in any area you wish.
  • The overwhelming power in BEING YOURSELF
  • The “Dangerous Prayer”.  Watch out!!
  • Why you should create a mantra for yourself.
  • The Strangest Secret—and why you MUST MUST understand it. (Farmers would lose their land in one year if they did not grasp this!)
  • How to create your own “Elevator Speech” and why it is vital that you do.
  • How to live in the NOW…and why it is powerful enough to wipe out all your stress and worry on any given day.

……and last but certainly not least….YOUR LIFE PLAN OVERKILL SYSTEM.  Do this and it will be virtually IMPOSSIBLE to fail at
creating your wildest, most fabulous life!


Don Faast is not a therapist hoping for a 5 year involvement of weekly  “50 minute visits”. He will not only help you discover the action steps quickly and demonstrate them for you in his own life…He will follow up on you in such a FIERCE but LOVING, CARING way—-that you “have to change!” Of course you make the final decision whether to act or not…but he is outrageously effective in getting you  to rip it!

To further illustrate just HOW effective Don Faast will be in your life…click on here to listen to his “Testimonials”.

But Don is not interested in getting you to rely on HIS enthusiasm—-He will show you how to INSTALL the SOFTWARE INTO YOUR OWN MIND  which will drive you and prod you to do the changes yourself as a LIFETIME HABIT!

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