Would it thrill you if you knew how to turn every moment of your daily life into a magnificent personal journey?

Can you envision yourself SO ON FIRE that people are compelled to be around you just to get a glimpse of whatever is making you deliriously happy?

Don Faast has lived this way. (Lately he has gotten completely out of hand!)

Of course he has had all the usual life struggles and obstacles.

■ It began when Don was 18 months old. Big brother momentarily stops him….but Don (on the right) just wants to break loose.

The picture picture says it all….Don was UNCONTAINABLE from the start! Don’s parents wondered what the hell had fallen out of the womb! God bless them….they did their best.’

OK… but what makes Don think he knows anything about living an extraordinary life?

■ Fresh out of high school, Don decides to be a commercial artist…so he walks into a sign shop in Pasadena, California and says to the cigar-smoking owner “Sir, you are the best in the country at lettering and illustration, so I’ve hired myself on here as your apprentice!” The fact that one normally “applies” for a job never occured to Don. He started working within 3 days.

■ During the next 9 months Don learned much from the “master”—so he decided to travel. He went home…pulled out a large globe, closed his eyes and gave it a spin. Wherever his finger landed would be his destination. It landed in the USA so he struck out on a national tour as an entrepreneur doing advertising art for businesses.

■ At age 26, He became the Art Director of International editions worldwide for a global publising company. He had offices in London and Dusseldorf, Germany—and a worldwide “travel when he wanted” business credit card which paid all his expenses to visit offices in any country at the drop of  a hat.

All he had to do was buzz his secretary and say “I need two tickets to Singapore” and they would be on his desk in the morning, with a car waiting outside to whisk him to London Heathrow airport.He was required to report his activity to his boss in Los Angeles for 20 minutes…once a year!

■ He is the only one ever to get into a European college by direct approval of the founder…who said to him in Texas… “Listen, Don, Im leaving for England tomorrow…why donʼt you join me on the personal jet…weʼll go together!”

■ He was invited to live in the Wrigley Mansion for free… on South Orange Grove Blvd. in Pasadena, California. This is a 40 room luxurious spread with massive rose gardens…built for Mr. William Wrigley, Jr.— chewing gum magnate.

The 40-room mansion

The hand-painted oriental wallpaper in just one room is worth more than
some people make in a year.

■ While living at the mansion, Don personally “wined and dined” with the Apollo 12 crew right after they got back from bouncing around on the Moon!

(They may be “history” now, but at that time they dominated world media!)

■ Also at the mansion he climbed up inside the pipes of an organ which filled an entire room… and listened to the organist play Bach’s Tocatta and Fuge in D Minor.

A once in a lifetime experience!

■ He created one of the most famous corporate fast food logos on the planet…one that you see every day on every main street in America, and many times per night on TV.
I won’t show the picture of it here….you will have to talk to Don to find out….unless you wish to guess which one it is.

Here is a little riddle to help you:

Its not burgers, its not chicken
but its very popular fast food…
and the logo itself has a certain “ring” to it…
if you know what I mean.

■ As an artist who painted those bright neon colored signs on dealerships and fast food restaurants windows…Don became the fastest and the best painter in the USA…breaking all national records. He increased the above fast food chain for the Denver region alone…$44 Million.

His work was so powerful that the entire corporate headquarters marketing division flew out to Denver to sit with him.

Don helped them re-write a worldwide marketing campaign in 3 days.

■ T. Ryan…the executive VP of Marketing for Taco Bell Worldwide…sitting in his Irvine California office, said “If you have the opportunity to work with Don Faast, you would be a fool to turn it down!”

■ Later in his other career as a sales increase expert…Don took the sales of a dealership from 90 cars per month to 120 cars…in 30 days. The owner estimated the increase would generate close to $1MM additional income per year.

Long before 9/11…Don convinced the pilot of a 747 commercial airline approaching Auckland, NZ—to let him get into the cockpit to shoot pictures…and the pilot was even tipping the airplane to help him get better shots!!

■ Don has flown thru a 360 degree rainbow in a small plane.

■ In 1966, Don had an actual mental “vision” of the desktop computer. He was studying at his college desk in England around midnight..surrounded with research books when he said to himself “Someday someone will come up with a way to put ALL WORLD KNOWLEDGE on a single device like a television”….and BLAM!!…the picture appeared just as clear as if it was physically real….a television-like thing with a knob on it for scrolling down the page.Here is his rough sketch of what he saw late that night:

The “All World Knowledge” Box

At that time, the idea seemed ridiculous, so he dismissed it and went on studying.

■ He once saw a pidgeon in a major intersection that had been injured…so he immediately jumped out of his truck…stopped traffic coming all four directions…even holding out his hand to stop a police car!Guess what? The policeman stopped!

At that moment, he didnt care about anything but the bird that was in need. He took it to a rescue center… where it was rehabilitated.

■ He explored the back jungles of Bali, Indonesia on Njepi day…when the entire population carries their totem pole gods down to the ocean to wash them.

■ He did official work at the famous Jerusalem dig in the 70s.

“Contact me so I can get YOU started living an extraordinary life!”

■ After hearing a preacher say that humans had “dominion” in the earth, over animals, birds, fish and all the “creepy-crawlies”….Don said to himself “Ill just rare back and put that to the ultimate test.” On a hot August night in his California desert home…he saw a spider on the wall…heading further into the house. He decided to command the little fellow to leave…and he refused to scare it, bash it…or in any way influence it—-except for speaking to it. A mental battle ensued for several hours…but finally the spider dropped to the floor…walked over to the open front door… crawled up and over the threshhold, and off he went! Don was testing the idea of commitment or “sell-out”—-and wanting to see if it is really true that we humans have outrageous power to influence events in the earth.
■ Don is always out there trying to “influence” someone…so here is his sketch of his tombstone:

■ He broke a record in the field of network marketing…signing up one person every day for 30 days straight with no help from downline. This drew international accolades, opening doors for him to teach how he did it.

■ He went to the Leer Jet factory in the 90’s and talked the Director of Sales into steppint with him into the main flight simulator for a 30 minute “tour”…where he took off and landed the jet. Purchase of a small Leer jet is on his list.

■ He walked into the NYC passport office and announced his trip to Europe, confidently stating that he would be back in the morning for his passport. (Normally, at that time, it was at least a 2 week wait!) The passport was on the front counter waiting for him when they opened the next day. The clerks themselves were “gobsmacked” at how this happened! (Gobsmacked is a British expression for mild shock).

■ He was present at the stillbirth of a miniature horse…where TWO veterinarians said there was no chance the horse would be alive when they pulled it out of the mare with a winch and chains…. Don said to himself….”Not only will he live, but I will buy him and call him Lazarus!” He bought the horse—who turned out to be the most rambunctious little character you ever saw!

■ A client of his in Denver could not close a particular sale in 4 MONTHS—but Don taught her commitment and hyper-focus. To her own amazement…she got the sale in 2 hours and 26 minutes!

■ One of the wildest things Don will do before he’s done….is this: He is going to attend his own funeral ALIVE. Now how do you suppose he is going to pull that off?


Why don’t you ask him. Its not anything “ghost-like” or weird….others have actually done it. Please dont send the guys in white….Im really soundminded and in full control.

He can teach anyone to paint great art in one lesson….starting with a “BREAKTHRU” drawing done in 37 seconds. He has done it many times. There are testimonials on the internet now—about this. His book “If You Are Breathing You Can Draw And Paint” is group published by Amazon in a book called Glimpses.

■ Donʼs favorite quote is from Eddie Rickenbacker, World War 1 pilot…who said “Go out and do something before people find out it is impossible!”

You can see his artwork here [link]. He usually completes his paintings in 1 or 2 days.

■ Don’s bio is a very brief outline of the extraordinary life he has lived and still lives.

But for a clearer step by step explanation of how its done…read his book titled  “How To Run Screaming…Straight Into the WONDERS of Life

Before anyone hollers “That’s Impossible!”

“Hey!  lets get YOU going on your own extraordinary life!

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